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New Year, New Style!

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The Zolemba warehouse and production departments have retired their outdated uniforms for a new sleek outfit. The previous company uniforms had been around for some time and the old black/ orange colours no longer represented the image of Zolemba. The new apparel now honours the Zolemba logo with the house colour of “Zolemba Blue”. The new uniforms possess breathable, lightweight qualities for optimal comfortability during production; all vital clothing characteristics needed to get your orders out to you as soon as possible.


We are continually learning and constantly looking out for improvements to help better serve you; even with the little details makes a difference. We work together and always have you in mind with every step.

Zolemba: 2018 Ready!

New name, new state-of-the-art machinery, new international courier service, new sleek apparel and an amazing ever-growing team of geniuses, 2018 has already shown great promise. You as our customer are and always will be our main priority. We invite you to express your wishes and experiences by sharing them with us to better improve and serve you with the best products, prices and service. We are ready more than ever to share our adventure together with you!


Nieuwe bedrijfskleding

Together we can improve the environment!
To help conserve the environment and minimize packaging waste, this product is only available in packs of label rolls. This also gives you a discount.