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Winner of the Orange Trade Mission Fund Award 2019

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The greatest shipping label supplier of Europe takes on the economic world by storm ...





YES! Zolemba has been honored with the Orange Trade Mission Fund (OTMF) award of 2019. As the winner of this prestigious award, Zolemba is prized with a trade mission abroad. Zolemba joins the list of former notable winners with, among others, Dopper, Tony Chocoloney and Patta. To be a part of such a league of respected and successful businesses is indeed something to be proud of. Zolemba plans on turning the label market around in the United States. The OTMF award helps their ambition by giving them a huge boost on many platforms internationally. Trading in America not only confirms but also strengthens their commitment to global international growth. Zolemba is synonymous with environmentally friendly labels in the Netherlands, Europe, and soon-to-be in the United States. Where better to pursue the “American Dream”?



Zolemba is flourishing into becoming the most innovative printing company in Europe and is in the right direction towards great success. Together through their collection of latest machine technology, innovative software and a dedicated team of ingenious driven individuals, their goal is to be the best in the label industry. Their passion for their goal is reassured through their list of awards. In 2017, they were awarded a Spout Challenger: Top 50, an E-Commerce Cross Border: Top 30, awarded 4 times in a row the FD Gazellen and now the prestigious Orange Trade Mission Fund award.  
What is the Orange Trade Mission Fund? 
In 2013, the year of the royal succession, the Orange Trade Mission Fund was established. The purpose of this fund is to help open new doors abroad for entrepreneurs. Every year ten companies have a chance to get support in building an international network. Entrepreneurs are given an opportunity to go to a trade mission and encounter people from all over the world that they wouldn’t normally network with. Overall, all aspects contribute to achieving their ambition of fast-tracking their businesses in their intended country of export. 


The Orange Trade Mission Fund is an initiative of ING, MKB-Nederland, KLM, Evofenedex and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO.nl). https://www.oranjehandelsmissiefonds.nl/updates/tien-winnaars-oranje-handelsmissiefonds-2019-bekend/

Together we can improve the environment!
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