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  • When will my order be delivered?

    1. Standard Labels:
    The following applies to orders within the UK:

    - If you order and pay from Monday through Thursday before 9 p.m. (+ 1 UTC), your order will be dispatched within the same day and delivered between 2-3 business days.
    - If you order and pay on Friday before 4:30 p.m. (+1 UTC) your order will be sent on the same day. If you order after 5 p.m. (+ 1 UTC) on a Friday, your order will be sent out the following Monday and then delivered between 2-3 business days.


    2. Custom Printed Labels:
    Customized printed labels are labels that are ordered through the online configurator.

    The following rules apply to these labels:

    - When you have ordered, paid and approved the file(s) before 9 a.m. (+1 UTC) from Monday through Friday, we will then begin to produce and send your order out within the same day (this is only applicable only for orders with the selected production time of 24 hours).





  • What is the delivery time for orders paid through a pre-payment?

    Standard Labels

    When paying in advance with a pre-payment/ bank transfer, the payment it can take up to 3 business days before we receive it within our accounts. As soon as we’ve received the payment, we will ship your order out accordingly. You will receive an email notification when your order has been dispatched. Standard products will be dispatched the same day. 


    Customized Labels

    Custom-made labels will begin production the moment we’ve received the payment. Note: the delivery time to an island may have 1-2 days additional.


    See below for how many days it will take for your order to be received after dispatch. 


    Country  Shipping time in Days
    Netherlands (NL) 1
    Belgium (BE) 1
    Bulgary (BG) 4
    Bosnia (BA) 6
    Denmark (DK) 2
    Germany (DE) 1-2
    Estonia (EE) 4-5
    Finland (FI) 4-5
    France (FR)  2-3
    Greece (GR) 4-6
    United Kingdom (UK) 2-3
    Hungary (HU) 3
    Ireland (IE) 3
    Italy (IT) 4-5
    Croatia (HR) 4
    Latvia (LV) 4
    Liechtenstein (LI) 4
    Lithuania (LT) 4
    Luxemburg (LU) 1
    Monaco (MC) 2-3
    Norway (NO) 4-6
    Austria (AT) 2
    Poland (PL) 3
    Portugal (PL) 4-6
    Romania (RO) 4
    Serbia (CS) 6
    Slovenia (SI) 3
    Slovakia (SK) 3
    Spain (ES) 3-5
    Czech Republic (CZ) 3
    Sweden (SE) 2-3
    Switzerland (CH) 4
    *Islands (depends on the region) 2-5
  • What are the delivery times for custom-made orders?

    We have the option of choosing for your custom-made order to be ready for shipment within 24 hours. You can also choose slower production times and receive a discount. These are our Relax production option (within 3 work days) or Slow Motion production (within 5 days). Please be aware that this time frame excludes the delivery time. 

  • Delivery time for printed labels

    See below for an overview of the production times of orders placed before midnight (12 am). The label order will only be forwarded to production when all files have been submitted, paid and approved before midnight, Monday through Friday. Please keep in mind, files must be approved before 9 am (+1 UTC).


    24 hours
    (Priority production)

    72 hours (Fast production) 120 hours (Standard production)
    Day of Order Day of Dispatch Day of Dispatch Day of Dispatch
    Monday Tuesday Thursday following Monday
    Tuesday Wednesday Friday following Tuesday
    Wednesday Thursday Monday following Wednesday
    Thursday Friday Tuesday following Thursday
    Friday Monday Wednesday following Friday


    In situations where your order and payment are confirmed after 3 pm, the day of production will be considered on the next business day.

  • When will my test print be delivered?

    Your sample print will be sent within 24 hours and/or by the production time you've selected.

  • How do you ship your packages?

    We send all our packages with DHL. Should you have any questions about shipping, please feel free to contact us at Zolemba.

  • How many times per week are the packages send?

    Our packages are picked up daily and shipped to you as soon as possible by DHL.

  • Can my order also be delivered directly to my client?

    Zolemba can send orders directly to your client on request. Zolemba delivers everything unwritten without our name on the package nor the packing slip. You can enter your address in Invoice Address and then your client's address in Delivery Address.

  • Can I receive my order urgently?

    In our ordering process, you can indicate that you need your order urgently. You can choose for Priority production.



  • Can I pick up my order?

    Zolemba has only one warehouse in The Netherlands. If you would like to pick up your order, you may do so at our location in Haaksbergen, The Netherlands.

  • What happens if I am not available at the time of delivery?

    DHL tries to deliver only one time. If you are unavailable during delivery, DHL will either give the package to your neighbour or the nearest pickup parcel shop. You will be informed with a notification letter from DHL in your mailbox where your order has been delivered to.

  • Can I change the delivery?

    If the package is still at Zolemba, you can contact our customer service on +31 (0)53-7370160. They will inform you about the possibilities.

    If your package is already on its way with DHL and you are not available at the moment, the driver will give the package to your neighbor or the nearest parcel shop, leaving a note in your mailbox that informs you where you order was delievered. If this is not a possible option you can inform DHL . You will need the notification letter that DHL provided to do this.

  • Do you also ship on saturday?

    DHL does not deliver on Saturday. If you need your order to be delivered on Saturday you can contact our customer service at +31 (0)53-7370160. They will inform you about the possibilities.

  • Can I report another house number for the case that I am not available?

    If your order is still at Zolemba you can contact our customer service at +31 (0)53-7370160. They may still be able to change the house number. If this is no longer a possibilty being that the package  has already been sent, you can only report another house number to DHL after they tried to deliver it to your house. You can do this at www.nieuwelevering.nl with the DHL notification letter that the DHL driver left in your mailbox. 

  • Do you also deliver to the neighbors?

    DHL tries to deliver only one time. If you are unavailable during delivery, DHL will either give the package to your neighbor or to the nearest parcel shop. You will be informed with a notificiation letter from DHL in your mailbox where your order has been delivered to. 

  • Can I report a post-office box as delivery address?

    Unfortunately this is not possible. We only deliver with DHL and they do not deliver packages to a post-office box.

  • What are the delivery costs?

    Below you will find the delivery costs and free shipping requirements per country:


    Country Delivery costs (€) Free shipping over (€) Delivery costs (£) Free shipping over (£)
    Belgium (BE) € 5.81 € 50,-  £ 5.00   £ 43.00 
    Bosnia Herzegovina (BA)* € 63.38 € 250,-  £ 54.51   £ 215.00 
    Bulgaria (BG) € 36.38 € 250,-  £ 31.29   £ 215.00 
    Denmark (DK) € 16.29 € 250,-  £ 14.01 

     £ 215.00 

    Denmark (DK) (Isles) € 25.00 -  £ 21.50  -
    Germany (DE) € 5.30 € 50,-  £ 4.56   £ 43.00 
    Estonia (EE) € 36.38 € 250,-  £ 31.29   £ 215.00 
    Finland (FI) € 33.70 € 250,-  £ 28.98   £ 215.00 
    France (FR) € 10.14 € 250,-  £ 8.72   £ 215.00 
    Greece (GR) € 42.68 € 300,-  £ 36.70   £ 258.00 
    Great Britain (GB) € 10.14 € 171,-  £ 8.72   £ 150.00
    Hungary (HU) € 36.38 € 250,-  £ 31.29   £ 215.00 
    Iceland (IS)* € 92.00 -  £ 79.12  -
    Ireland (IE) € 23.23 € 250,-  £ 19.98   £ 215.00 
    North Ireland (IE) € 23.23 -  £ 19.98  -
    Italy (IT) € 14.14 € 250,-  £ 12.16   £ 215.00 
    Croatia (HR) € 36.38 € 250,-  £ 31.29   £ 215.00 
    Latvia (LV) € 36.38 € 250,-  £ 31.29   £ 215.00 
    Liechtenstein (LI)* € 43.31 € 500,-  £ 37.25   £ 430.00 
    Lithuania (LT) € 36.38 € 250,-

     £ 31.29

     £ 215.00 
    Luxembourg (LU) € 9.80 € 200,-  £ 8.43   £ 172.00 
    Monaco (MC) € 20.07 € 250,-  £ 17.26   £ 215.00 
    The Netherlands (NL) € 5.10 € 50,-  £ 4.39   £ 43.00 
    Norway (NO)* € 49.72 € 300,-  £ 42.76   £ 258.00
    Austria (AT) € 11.11 € 250,-  £ 9.55   £ 215.00 
    Poland (PL) € 22.98 € 300,-  £ 19.76   £ 258.00
    Portugal (PT) € 27.78 € 300,-  £ 23.89   £ 258.00
    Romania (RO) € 36.38 € 300,-  £ 31.29   £ 258.00
    Serbia (CS)* € 63.38 € 300,-  £ 54.51   £ 258.00
    Slovenia (SI) € 36.38 € 300,-  £ 31.29   £ 258.00
    Slovakia (SK) € 36.38 € 300,-  £ 31.29   £ 258.00
    Spain (ES) € 17.68 € 300,-  £ 15.20   £ 258.00
    Spain (ES) (Isles) € 65,00 -  £ 55.90  -
    Czech Rep. (CZ) € 36.38 € 300,-  £ 31.29   £ 258.00
    Sweden (SE) € 16.67 € 300,-  £ 14.34   £ 258.00
    Switzerland (CH)* € 38.11 € 300,-  £ 32.77   £ 258.00
  • My delivery costs are higher than the standard costs, how is this possible?

    There are different possible reasons:
    * Did you enter the wrong country for the delivery address? Check this in your orders.
    * Is your address on an island or in a difficult reachable region? The delivery costs can be different than the standard costs in that case.

    Is this not the case? Please contact our customer service at +31 (0)53-7370160.

  • When will DHL deliver my order?

    DHL delivers between Monday to Friday. You can track and view what time your order will arrive with your package number. Trace your shipment.



  • Can I contact DHL myself?

    First you can contact Zolemba. We’ll send the package which means that we have access to the delivery details. If you want to contact DHL yourself you can call on +02476-937770. You therefore need your parcel number.

  • Can I pick up my package at a DHL pickup parcel shop?

    The driver of DHL tries to deliver the package to your address. If you are unavailable at that moment of delivery, DHL will deliver the package to your neighbor or to the nearest DHL ServicePoint. You will have to verify with your ID for pickup.  

  • What is the delivery time to an island?

    See FAQ question “What is the delivery time for pre-payments?". Here you see the delivery times.  For delivery times to an island you’ve to calculate an extra 1-2 days.

  • On which days will DHL deliver?

    DHL delivers packages on monday till friday. If you want DHL to deliver on saturday we have to arrange this for you with DHL. Call +31 (0)53-7370160 if you want your package on saturday.

  • Can I pick up my order?

    We are only located in Haaksbergen, The Netherlands. If you are in the area or if you know someone who can pick your order for you, that is possible!


    Address of Zolemba:

    Nijverheidsstraat 16
    7482 GZ, Haaksbergen

    The Netherlands


  • Is it faster to pick up my order instead of waiting for delivery?

    No. Should you pick up the order, there will be a difference of one day.

    You can pick up your order at our location in Haaksbergen, The Netherlands. (see FAQ question: “Can I pick up my order?”).

  • Where can I pick up my order?

    You can pick up your order at the following address:


    Niijverheidsstraat 16
    7482 GZ, Haaksbergen

    The Netherlands

  • How can I determine the location of my package?

    You receive a mail with an package number around 10PM from Zolemba. If you click on “trace your package” you’ll be redirected to the Track & Trace page of DHL.


  • I don’t see anything in the Track & Trace page. What now?

    It is possible that DHL hasn’t scanned your package yet. Try it again the next day. If you still don’t see anything call us on the following number: +31 (0)53-7370160


    We will take care of it, don’t worry!

  • The Track & Trace page indicates that the package has arrived. I didn’t receive it. What now?

    You can call +3153-8200602 to get in touch with us. We can obtain proof of delivery to see who accepted the package.

Together we can improve the environment!
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