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Product specifications

  • How good is the quality of the Zolemba products?

    Because we manufacture our products in our own production facility, we can control the quality of our products. We guarantee a high-quality standard. If a product is not as described, we will replace it promptly.

  • What does compatible mean?

    Compatible also means suitable. Zolemba produces all labels in their own production centre in Haaksbergen, The Netherlands. The compatible labels can be used in their original printers with quality that is equal to or better than the original labels.

  • Material or substrate?

    The material is also called a substrate. Zolemba has different sorts of materials available. Choose from Paper, PP and PET.


    Paper: paper white, paper opaque white, paper silver, paper gold, paper neon orange, paper neon yellow and paper inkjet gloss for memjet.

    PP: PP white and PP silver
    PET: PET white, PET transparent, PET silver and PET matte silver.

  • What is the difference between permanent and removable?

    We offer almost all our labels with two different adhesives: permanent and removable.

    Permanent means that the labels adhere to the surface with a strong adhesion. It is not easy to remove such a label once placed onto a surface.

    Removable means that the labels stick to the surface but are easy to remove without leaving any glue residue behind.

  • Do you have labels suitable for the freezer?

    Yes, Zolemba produces labels specially made for cold surfaces. We recommend using paper material. Paper labels are available with a special deep-freeze glue.

    Do you prefer a different substrate? Please contact our customer service to find out more possibilities.

  • Can I print on a silver label with my own printer?

    Printing on a silver label is possible with a thermal transfer printer. Thermal transfer printers are able to print through an ink ribbon that transfers the ink onto the label. 

  • What is paper?

    Paper is our most economical choice and suitable for many applications. It is suitable for flat and normal surfaces. Applicable for varnished wood and varnished metals. Paper material is not suitable for rough surfaces such as cardboard, rubber, unvarnished wood and outdoors.

    Applicable for temperatures ranging from -15°C to +90°C.

    Options: You can choose from white, opaque white, silver, gold, neon orange and neon yellow. White can be used for almost all applications. Silver and gold give the products a luxurious look. Neon materials are used to stand out such as hazard labels or sale stickers.

    Applications: Paper is often used for deep-freeze products, bottles, packaging and self printing with a thermal transfer printer.

  • What is PET?

    PET is also known as polyester. It is suitable for all uses and is extremely strong in all aspects. The strong material is excellent for long term use. It is scratchproof, water resistant and colour fade resistant. Applicable for temperatures between -40°C and +100°C.


    Options: You can choose from white, transparent, silver matte and silver.

    White can be used for every application. Silver and transparent seem more luxurious.


    Application: PET is often used for products with a nice look like products in the cosmetic industry or pharmaceutical industry.

  • What is PP?

    PP is short for polypropylene and is also known as plastic. This is our most popular material. PP gives off a sheen that leaves you with a chic-look. Its durablity is suitable for long term use. The material is scratch resistant, waterproof and color resistant. Functional for both indoor and outdoor uses in temperatures from -30°C to +80°C.

    Options: You can choose from white and silver.


    Applications: PP is often used for visible products like salad bowls, sauce bottles, household items and safety signs.

  • What is Memjet?

    Memjet is also called paper inkjet gloss. Memjet is good to use for labels with a short lifespan and are prone to being in dry environments. For indoor use only.

  • What are Thermal labels?

    Unlike 'normal' paper, thermal paper consists of several layers. This makes the paper able to print without the use of ink.

    The layers of thermal paper consist of:

    • A top coating / thermal layer in the front paper (including the back coating)
    • Glue
    • Silicone
    • Liner (= backing)


    Operation: without ink

    The top coated layer of the thermal paper contains a dye. This dye is activated by heat from a laser in the printer. As a result, the text or images are printed onto the paper. This print is always in black. Color printing with a thermal transfer printer is not yet possible.

    Types of thermal paper

    There are two types of thermal paper, thermal eco and thermal top. The following characteristics of the paper are meant to help you make a choice.

    Thermal Eco

    • Doesn’t have an extra layer of protection against UV light, moisture, grease nor alcohol
    • Often used in dry and reasonably clean environments for short-term labeling
    • Is recyclable
    • Available with (extra) permanent, removable and freezer adhesive
    • Has a expiration span of one year, provided it is stored at a constant temperature of 20-22°C and in a dark environment

    Thermal Top

    • Offers an additional layer to the top and bottom of the material. This protects against UV-light, moisture, grease, oil and alcohol
    • Often used on applications with a longer lifespan
    • Readily accessible where additional protection is required against the environment
    • Is recyclable
    • Available with (extra) permanent, removable and freezer adhesive
    • Has a expiration of one year, provided it is stored at a constant temperature of 20-22°C and in a dark environment
  • Does your labels contain BPA?

    No, we do not use bisphenol A and bisphenol S for the production of self-adhesive labels.

  • What is a permanent adhesive?

    The permanent adhesive is the most used adhesive. Permanent glue is suitable for general uses. This adhesive is made of acrylic (waterbased). It has a good adhesion on a big variety of materials.


    Applicable for: paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, metal etc. The glue can endure low temperatures.


    Please note that the label with permanent adhesive should be put on at a temperature higher than 0 ºC. Permanent adhesive can be used for temperatures from -10ºC to +65ºC.


    We recommend to keep the glue away from humidity and direct sunlight.

  • What is extra permanent glue?

    Extra permanent glue is an extra strong adhesive that is made for labeling rough surfaces. Standard permanent adhesive is not strong enough for this. This extra strong glue contains hotmelt (rubber base). It has a very strong adhesion.


    Applicable for: flexible materials, condensation, fabric and normal to cold temperatures etc.

    Please note that the labels with extra permanent adhesive should be put on at a minimum temperature of  5 ºC. Extra permanent glue can stand temperatures from  -20ºC to +50ºC. We recommend to keep the glue away from humidity, heat and direct sunlight.

  • What is removable glue?

    Removable adhesive is applicable for general uses. Unlike permanent glue you can remove the removable adhesive easily without glue residue. The glue is made of acrylic (waterbased). It has a strong adhesion on many surfaces. In low temperatures, the glue becomes permanent but in higher temperatures the glue becomes removable again.


    Applicable for paper, packaging, plastic, glass, metal etc.


    Please note that the labels with removable glue should be applied at a minimum temperature of  15 ºC. Removable adhesives can endure temperatures from -5ºC to +60ºC. We recommend to keep the glue away from humidity, heat and direct sunlight.

  • What is frozen glue?  

    Frozen glue is also called super permanent hot-melt glue. It has a strong adhesion on a variety of materials and cold surfaces. It is made for applications that need a high initial adhesion.

    Please note that deep-freeze labels have to be applied at a minimum temperature of  0ºC. Deep-freeze glue can endure temperatures from -40ºC to +60ºC. Store the labels in a cool, dark place. Humidity, heat and direct sunlight should be avoided.

  • What is ultra strong adhesive?

    Ultra strong adhesion is made for labeling extremely rough surfaces. The ultra strong adhesives is made of hot melt.  Hot melt is a type of glue made of rubber. This adhesive does not only stick excellently to fabrics or carpets but also to corrugated cardboard.

    The glue is applicable for: fabrics, chemical bags, mattresses etc.


    Please remember to apply the labels at a temperature of 10ºC or higher. Ultra strong adhesives can endure temperatures up to 60ºC.


    Avoid direct sunlight, humidity and heat. Recommended storing temperature is between 15C 45ºC.

  • What are ultra removable adhesives?

    Ultra removable glue is made of acrylic (waterbased) with an outstanding removability. Labels with ultra removable adhesives can be removed easily without glue residue left on the surface. The adhesive is applicable for even surfaces like books, glass or metal. The adhesion is not suitable for rough surfaces. The glue resists light, temperatures and aging.


    Applicable for: books, glass, paper, cardboard, plastic, metal etc.


    Remember to apply labels with ultra removable adhesives in temperatures higher than 0ºC. It can endure temperatures from -20ºC to +50ºC. Dark and dry storage is recommended.

  • Can I order a sample?

    Yes you can receive a free sample package. Our sample package includes all our offered materials with the different adhesive types. This ensures that you will get an idea how the materials look and feel including full-colour print. Here you can order a sample package or simply contact our customer serives at +31(0)53-7370160,

  • Are the labels water resistant?

    Not all labels are water resistant. If you need water resistant labels choose labels of PP or PET material. If you need more information please contact our customer services at +31 (0)53-7370160.

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