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Returning an Order

  • How can I return my order?

    You must be logged into your Zolemba account to return your order.

    Once successfully logged into your account, search for the specific order that you would like to return by its order number. Click on the order number and you will be able to view the details of that particular order. You can select whether to request a return or placing a complaint on your order.


    Note: Customized products can not be returned. Customized items may, however, be reconsidered if these are incorrectly delivered.

  • Handling a return.

    Zolemba handles returns and complaints in different ways.


    Returns are sent by you to Zolemba. Once you have returned your order as a return, please also return the confirmation of this application with your package to us. You can return the package with any shipping company of your preference.


    Complaints will be retrieved via DHL upon submission. As soon as you have submitted the complaint, Zolemba will contact the parcel service, DHL, to retrieve the goods for you.

    If you submit your complaint to Zolemba before 3PM, your return will, in most cases, then be picked up by DHL the next business day. The package must then be ready for pickup. You will be informed of the process and when DHL will pick up the package.


    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer service for further assistance.


  • Where to Send the Return?

    The return shipment must be sent to the following address with the notation of your order number:


    Zolemba B.V.

    Nijverheidsstraat 16

    7482 GZ Haaksbergen

    The Netherlands

  • Who Pays for Sending Back the Order?

    The shipping costs will be at the expense of the customer; should the order be sent back on his/her own initiative. The order must be returned.


    If your order was delivered incorrectly, incomplete or defective, the shipping costs will be reevaluated. 

  • When Do I Receive My Purchase Amount?

    As soon as your return shipment has been received by Zolemba, you will be notified of the handling process. We strive to refund the amount back into your account within 5 business days.


    We ask for you to take into consideration for any possible delays in this process caused by the bank and / or your chosen payment method (PayPal and CreditCard require a longer processing time than a bank transaction).


    We would like to remind you that your shipping costs will not be refunded if delivery is complete, in good condition and correctly delivered to you. This applies if you have returned your order on your own initiative (as described in 8.2: Distinction Between Returns and Complaints.).

  • Can the Order Be Delivered Personally on Location?

    It is possible to deliver your return package personally. In this case, the costs for a return shipment will not apply.

    If you choose to ship your package personally with us, please contact our customer service in advance.

    Please deliver your package at the following address:


    Zolemba B.V. 

    Nijverheidsstraat 16

    7482 GZ Haaksbergen

    The Netherlands