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Seiko SLP-2RLH compatible labels, 89mm x 28mm, 260 labels, red, permanent

Seiko SLP-2RLH compatible labels, 89mm x 28mm, 260 labels, red, permanent

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One of our Seiko labels is the compatible Seiko SLP-2RLH. These labels are made of a red thermal material with a permanent adhesion.


fsc Paper of sustainable origin.

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89mm x 28mm

Printer Type

Seiko SLP 100

Seiko SLP 200

Seiko SLP 240

Seiko SLP 620

Seiko SLP 650

Seiko SLP 220

Seiko SLP 440

Seiko SLP 450

Seiko SLP 650SE

Seiko SLP 420

Seiko SLP 430


Direct thermal (top)

Glue Selection


Product Code




Maximum Roll Diameter



Warehouse labels

Address labels

Small labels

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One of our Seiko models is the compatible Seiko SLP-RLH. These labels are made from red thermal material and have permanent adhesive. Thermal material means that these labels could be printed with the Seiko Smart Label Printer. Thermal labels discolour through heat what makes ink unnecessary. The Seiko SLP-2RLH compatible labels are mostly used as address labels and stamp labels.


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To help conserve the environment and minimize packaging waste, this product is only available in packs of label rolls. This also gives you a discount.