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Labels on Roll


Zolemba specializes in labels on roll. For almost every label printer, Zolemba has a label a label suitable for it. The labels on roll are scratch resistant and self adhesives. Available in permanent and removable glue types for pre-made labels in stock.


Our labels on roll can also be ordered with a printed design. With our new online design tool you can easily upload your design. This allows you to order your printed labels completely to size and to your liking. We deliver full colour printing according to the highest quality standard giving you always the highest quality.


Thanks to our own production facility we can deliver any desired format of labels on roll. We can, for example, print your logo on labels easily. Our printers are capable of printing with the best techniques of modern technology that guarantees high quality labels. We can offer high quality for a low price because you order directly from the producer. A middleman is not necessary. The versatility of our labels on a roll is made possible by the advanced machinery and technology we have. The laser is an advanced technique that makes it possible, compared to a punching plate that can only “cut” the same shapes. It is therefore possible to have your labels on a roll in any form, such as round, rectangular, square or any other free form shape. It is therefore possible to have your labels printed on a roll in your own style and “house” style colours. In addition, our standard labels on rolls can be delivered directly from stock. So you do not have to wait long for the production for your order. Our labels on roll are handy and easy-to-use.


Labels on rolls are available in different shapes, sizes and colours. It is even possible to have your own design or logo printed on the label. This makes the labels on rolls very suitable for different branches are used for different applications. This could include the pharmaceutical industry, supermarkets, logistic centers, discount stickers for supermarkets, marketing purposes for example bringing products to the attention of your store, packaging labels, fruit stickers or even fragile stickers for moving boxes.


Labels on rolls are very suitable for all your labelling tasks and needed. The many possibilities that our labels offer make these labels very popular. The labels on roll are also compatible for most common label writers and printers. If you do not know exactly what you need for your application, you can always feel free to contact our customer services to help guide and/or answer any questions.


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To help conserve the environment and minimize packaging waste, this product is only available in packs of label rolls. This also gives you a discount.