Product Labels


At Zolemba you find product labels for every application. You have the possibility to customize your own product labels. Product labels can be used to put the name of the product on it, to put the price on it or to inform the consumer about ingredients or warnings. For a discount action you can make special discount or sale stickers. Depending on the use of the sticker you can choose a different material. Scratch resistance and appearance can be selection criteria here.


At our Zolemba website you can personalize your labels with our label configurator. That way you can always find the product labels you are searching for. There is a wide choice of options available so that you can get the label that perfectly fits your needs. In 10 easy steps you can order your personal products labels.

Step 1. Select the size of your labels

Step 2. Choose the shape of your labels

Step 3. Select the right material

Step 4. Select the adhesive (removable or permanent)

Step 5. Choose the core size (depending on your printer)

Step 6. Choose the winding

Step 7. Select the number of models

Step 8. Select the number of labels per roll

Step 9. Select the print (full color or blanco)

Step 10. Choose the total amount of labels you want to order


Every size of product labels can be produced thanks to our in-house production and innovative machines. We cut the labels with lasers and do not need to make die-cuts for special shapes or sizes. Our presses enable us to print and cut cleanly and make special shapes.

For your product labels you can choose from different materials. Depending on the usage of the products you can select one of the materials. If you need for example water resistance or wear resistance we can offer you an extra strong material for your stickers. Another reason for a special material can be the appearance you want your product to have.

One of the choices you have is the glow of the material, you can choose for a matte or glowing material to give your product a special appearance. A metallic look is also possible to make your product look more luxurious. The print will be of high quality and in full color.  

We print all product labels digitally. This enables high quality prints. The time of delivery is even short for a customized label. We always produce your order within 24 hours. If you do not want to receive your order as soon as possible you can also choose for another date of delivery (e.g. 5 days after placing your order). While customizing your own product label you can always see the price you will have to pay and see how the price changes if you order a higher amount of labels.

Production of product labels

We produce all our products ourself in the Netherlands, also your personalized products. In our production center we have the newest and most innovative machines available to produce and print labels of the highest quality. The newest print techniques enable us to print high quality full color labels. The team of Zolemba is specialized in the production and quality control of all kinds of labels. The product that you receive is always checked and tested to ensure that you receive a perfect product.

Advantages of Zolemba

Ordering your product labels at Zolemba has some big advantages for you. Besides the low price you will also receive the highest quality. The biggest advantages listed for you:

-    Fast delivery

-    Low prices

-    High quality

-    Everything digital

-    No extra costs for die-cut

-    Good service

-    In house production

With our label configurator you can customize your own labels with ease. To make this process as easy as possible for you it only consists of three steps. If you have any questions about the process or about our products, our customer service will help you. Take a look at our label configurator and order your personalized product labels today at Zolemba.

Order your labels here

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