Customizing wine labels

Within a few steps you create the label that fits your needs

Zolemba is specialized in producing full colour labels on rolls which includes wine labels. So if you want your own custom made wine labels you are at the right place! At Zolemba you can customize your own wine bottle labels. On our website you find our label configurator with the configurator you can customize your own wine labels. Within a few steps you create the label that fits your needs. You choose the size, the shape, the material and the adhesive for you label. In every step you receive information about how the configurator work, so that customizing the labels is very easy and quick.


When customizing a wine label you should keep in mind that it has to be able to stand cold temperatures. The most common material used is paper. Paper is at the same time the cheapest choice and is well suited for glass bottles. If you want your wine label to look more glamorous you can also choose for PP (polypropylene). This material is a plastic that has more glow than paper.

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Customizing wine labels online

The label configurator of Zolemba works as follows: You start with the size of your wine label in height and width in millimeters. After that you select the number of labels you want to order. You choose how many different wine labels you want to order and which material you want them to be. Furthermore you can select an adhesive where you have the choice between permanent or removable adhesives. Permanent adhesives are very strong and removable adhesives have less power. With the removable adhesives you can easily remove the labels from the wine bottles.
After choosing the right size, shape, adhesive and number of labels you can choose the printing specifications. We are able to produce your wine labels in different colours and shapes, just as you wish. You can also select the number of labels per roll. Besides that you can choose the core of the roll. You can choose between 19mm, 25mm or 76mm. In this step you also choose the winding that you prefer. The winding is the way the label is winded on the roll. This is very important if you use a labeling machine.

Order your labels

In the last step you are asked to fill in the number of labels you want to order. You can change the number and directly see the price you would have to pay. Our configurator is very transparent and you can see how the price are calculated. You can directly see the price of your order before you place the order. You can see that the price per label is lower if you order a higher number of labels.

At the bottom of the page of the configurator you can add a comment. If you want us to know anything or if you have a question you can place it here. After finishing the steps you can check the specifications of your label to be sure everything is correct.

Now you are ready to order your personalized wine label. Zolemba is continuously improving and trying to become better everyday.

After you uploaded your picture Zolemba starts producing your wine label. Did you know that you can also ask for a test print at Zolemba. This can also be received digitally. Extra costs will be charged for the test print.


Wine bottle label

The order process at Zolemba is easy and fast. Thanks to our in-house production in the Netherlands we can offer a fast and easy delivery within Europe. All orders are shipping within 24 hours. It is also possible to chose for a later delivery date. If you choose this you will receive a discount.
Customize your wine labels at Zolemba. Do not hesitate and order your wine labels easily online. The labels are being produced exactly as you want them to be with the best print quality. If you are not satisfied with your product, call or mail us so we can solve the problem for you. Your opinion matters to us!

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