Standard Labels

Zolemba has a broad assortment of standard labels. These standard labels are always available from stock and will be send directly after you ordered them.

The assortment of the standard labels consists of:

Hazard labels or warning labels

The hazard labels are suited for labelling delivery packages or products. There are different types of warning labels:

  • ADR and RID labels: labelling dangerous materials for transportation
  • Treatment labels: informing how to treat the product/package
  • GHS labels: labelling dangerous goods for shipments
  • IATA labels: labelling dangerous goods for shipments
  • IMO labels: labelling dangerous goods for shipments
  • Others like ‘Heavy’ labels, ‘Do not stack’ labels and ‘This side up’ labels

The warning stickers are available in paper or PP(polypropylene)

Photo Photo

Discount stickers

available in neon yellow and neon orange. These stickers are printed on paper with a permanent adhesive. The diameter of the stickers is 37mm. The available discounts are 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60% and 70%. Every roll contains 500 round discount stickers.

Food and
beverage stickers

also called HACCP stickers or food stickers. These stickers have to be used by the food and beverage industry to ensure safety. At Zolemba you can choose from allergy stickers and food coding stickers. Both are available in a set or as single rolls.


Do you have special wishes or are you searching for standard labels that are not listed above? With our label configurator you can compose your own labels. At Zolemba all labels are produced in-house which guarantees a high quality standard and best prices.

If you have any questions about the standard labels or any other labels you can ask us via mail or call us on +31 (0)53-7370160.

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