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Food Labels


If you are looking for food labels you are at the right place. Zolemba has a lot of experience in the field of labels including food labels. Food labels are used on the packages of food and are often part of the package design. Our experienced team makes food labels of the highest quality. All labels are checked before they are sent to you. Our production team checks the colours, print quality and winding. If you want to customize your own food stickers you can easily do this with our label configurator online. In only a few steps you can make your own food labels.



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For food labels it is recommendable to choose a material that can stand cold temperatures. Paper is often used for food labeling because it is usable for temperatures from -15ºC till +90ºC. If you want your food labels to be more luxurious you can choose a plastic material called polypropylene. This material has a nice glow and can stand -30ºC.

If you order your food labels at Zolemba you have the following advantages:

- fast delivery

- no costs for die-cut

- everything is digital

- low prices

- good service

- in house production

Did you know that Zolemba also offers thermal labels on rolls. Thermal labels are suitable for Dymo, Zebra, Toshiba, Star, Seiko or Brother printers. Furthermore you can also order glass stickers at Zolemba. These labels are provided with a special glue. Other stickers or labels that are available at Zolemba are door stickers, sticker paper, product labels, logo stickers, plant stickers and many more!

Food labels in different sizes and shapes

Food stickers are available in different sizes and shapes. You can choose to print your own logo on the stickers. In other words, you can customize your own food labels. We ensure that you receive food labels with the best quality. The labels are used to inform the consumers about the product and make the product look better. Ingredients, pictures, the logo or a barcode can be put on the stickers.

For the customization process we’ve created a label configurator. This configurator is a tool on our website that will help you create and order food labels.

Zolemba offers a test print if you want to see the print quality before ordering a large number of labels. You can order a test print digitally or printed. Both forms of test prints have to be paid.

If you need food labels you are at the right place at Zolemba. You do not have to wait for offers or long delivery times. Thanks to our innovative machines you pay the lowest prices for the highest quality. We use digital presses and laser cutters which enable us to print labels in any shape without die-cutting. In our label configurator you directly see the price you will have to pay for your selection. Transparent, fast and easy!


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Together we can improve the environment!
To help conserve the environment and minimize packaging waste, this product is only available in packs of label rolls. This also gives you a discount.