Labels on Rolls vs. A4 Sheet Labels

There are thousands of purposes for labels and their use of applications. Deciding on something as straightforward as labels can be difficult. Choosing the correct label is crucial because let’s face it, original labels aren’t cheap! Take A4 labels for example: they require extra expenses for ink, it takes time to get accustomed to, and involves patience for it’s slow turn out rate. In this post, we will go over the 6 advantages of labels on roll.

Labels on Rolls vs. A4 Sheeted Labels

...Wait, what? You're still using A4 labels as shipping labels?


Well, it's good that you found us! At Zolemba, we are all for the labels on roll lifestyle. With the help of label printers, such as Bixolon, Zebra and Godex, you can print your labels with ease and accuracy.


There many differences between the A4 Sheet Labels and Labels on Roll. With sheet labels: you must keep in mind to print in full sheet quantities, pricey ink cartridges are additionally needed, and it's a race against the machine- expect a slow processing rate.


Alternatively, and preferably, with labels on roll: you are able print on demand in bulk and/or individually, there is no extra expenses needed for ink because most labels on rolls are made of thermal material, and with most printers you able to print at high speed rates without waiting for the ink to dry!

Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves!

Zolemba specialises in thermal labels. Labels are mass produced in-house in our own production facility located in the Netherlands. Why is making our own products unique and important to know? Because this means we eliminate the middleman, allowing us to directly inspect every product hands-on without compromising the quality while providing them at all with competitive prices! In disbelief? Get your free sample* and try it for yourself!

(*For a limited time offer. Get in touch with one of our Sales Team Representatives to find out more and discover the possibilities. Offer only applicable to our compatible label collection. Shipping and handling excluded.)


 6 Advantages of Thermal Labels on Rolls | Why It Crushes The Label Competition

6 Advantages of Thermal Labels on Rolls | Why It Crushes The Label Competition



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