Introducing Zolemba’s New and Improved Search Function

Noticed anything different? Zolemba has introduced an upgraded search function! Our team continuously looks for improvements to ease the use of the website. Now it's the search function's time to shine. You are now able to find all your desired labels, stickers and printers much more faster and efficiently. What’s new with the search function? Read further to find out more.

The New Search Function is Smarter!

With the new update, you are able to find products much more easier. The smarter function fully searches your search-term. Ideal for when you do not know the exact name of the product. All products that match your search term are clearly displayed in the overview.


Better, Faster, Efficient Searching

When entering your search term, you will immediately see all the information in real-time. Not only is the product name displayed but the price and image also. This allows you to see, at a glance, whether your product is in our assortment. Add products to your shopping cart directly from the result overview or easily go to the product page to search for more information.

Help Improve Zolemba!

Your opinion is important! We gladly like to hear what you think about our website. Would you like to express any improvements for our website? Let us know!



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