The warning labels from Zolemba

Are you looking for warning labels that will ensure your package stands out during shipping and is handled with extra care? Then you've come to the right place at Zolemba! Our warning labels are the perfect solution for shipping fragile goods or products that require special attention.

With our warning labels, carriers will immediately know that your shipment needs to be handled with care. Additionally, our labels provide end-users with important information on how to safely use the product.


Zolemba's Warning Labels

When it comes to safety and compliance,

warning labels are essential. At Zolemba, we understand

that selecting the right warning label is crucial to protecting

your employees and customers, and complying with

regulatory requirements. 

Quality Guaranteed

Our warning labels come in various sizes, shapes, and colors.

Moreover, they are made of high-quality materials to ensure

they are resistant to elements such as temperature and humidity,

providing long-lasting and reliable protection.


For all occasions

Whether it's marking hazardous substances or providing warnings

about potentially dangerous situations, at Zolemba we have the perfect

solution for your warning needs. We have a wide range

of pre-designed warning labels for various sectors,

including the chemical and transport industries.


Personalized labels

If your company requires specific warning labels

that are not available in our standard range,

we also offer you the opportunity to create custom

labels that are fully tailored to

your needs. This means you have complete control

over the size, shape, color, and content of the

warning label.



At Zolemba, we are committed to delivering high-quality warning labels that meet the strictest quality and safety standards.

In addition, we offer fast and reliable delivery so you can quickly protect your employees and customers. Trust Zolemba for your warning labels and ensure a safe working environment.



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