Herma Label 4674, Compatible, 105mm x 42.3mm

SKU: A4-14-100-WHI-HER
14 per sheet permanent adhesive 105mm x 42.3mm 100 pack

Herma 4674 compatible labels are A4 standard sheet labels that come in the model of 14 labels per sheet. These A4 Herma 4674 labels are made of 70 grams of white paper. The backing is 55 grams.

The A4 labels of Herma consists of 14 labels per sheet. These stickers are made of 70 grams of white paper. The labels have a permanent adhesion and are made of chlorine-free, bleached paper. These sheet labels are suitable for all inkjet printers and laser printers and copy machines. There are 100 sheets in one box unit, with a total of 1400 labels. They have the dimension of 105mm x 42.3mm.

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Herma compatible
Labels per sheet
105mm x 42.3mm
Quantity per box
100 sheets
Compatible with
Laser Printer
Inkjet Printer
Office labels
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